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MAD ABOUT SHOW TUNES - Why do we like what we like? Most of the times we don’t know the answer to this question. Take me for an example. When I was a kid I saw an Astaire & Rogers movie on television and I fell in love with that style of music... (read more)

BROADWAY MASTERWORKS: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DAVID FOIL - Although we never seated together in the same room, here is my exclusive interview with David Foil. I hope you’ll enjoy it. To read it click here.

THE BEST OF THE DECADE: A LOOK AT THE FIRST 10 YEARS OF THE 21st CENTURY - For an addict in “best of” lists, the end of a decade is a challenge for me. So, I went through my memories of the last 10 years and I made three lists... (read more)

LONDON 2009: 4 NIGHTS 4 SHOWS - Last month (from the 8th to the 12th of December) my boyfriend and I went on a holiday trip to London, one of our favorite places in the world (of the little part of the world we know), where we spent four nights and had a wonderful time... (read more)

BROADWAY SEASON: A TRIBUTE IN IMAGES - As I was looking for information regarding musicals that opened on Broadway last seasons, I come to the conclusion that it wasn’t easy to find it all in just one place. I also realized that there were shows that I completely forgot about and of which it seems no one is talking about anymore.

So I built a small website where I give a quick look at Broadway last seasons, just the musicals, and I added the City Center Encores to it. I hope you’ll enjoy it. To visit it click here.

2009: A BROADWAY TRIP - SEVEN SHOWS IN ONE WEEK - Last February, my longtime companion and I, flew one more time (our eight) to New York. We arrived on Sunday the 22nd, stayed there for a week and had a wonderful time... (read more)

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH LUBA MASON - Singer/actress Luba Mason, under the name of Luba Gregus, started her career in musicals as one of the Ziegfeld Girls of THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIES. But it was with her performance... (read more)

I WANNA BE A PRODUCER: PART 1 - Since I was a child I always dreamt of being a stage or cinema actor, two things for which you need to have talent. I don’t have a good singing voice, my ... (read more)

2001: AN AFTERMATH VISIT TO NEW YORK - Unless you're a witch, no one can ever predict the future. So when my longime companion and I started planning our next New York trip we ... (read more)

THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED - I was 24 years old the first time it happened to me and I'm not talking about sex, but about something much more exciting. (read more)

A MOMENT WITH KAREN ZIEMBA - It was on 1998 New Year's Eve that I met her. First, I saw her dancing and singing her way through the stage on the Broadway musical "Chicago"... (read more)