A  D  R  I   A  N     L  E  S  T  E  R

Rebecca Front    Clive Rowe        Clare Burt    Gareth Snook

Liza Sadovy   Teddy Kempner      Sophie Thompson   Michael Simkins

Sheila Gish   Paul Bentley      Anna Francolini   Kiran Hocking    Hannah James


A Perfect Match

This is a musical masterpiece. The book by George Furth is intelligent, with terrific lines, and lives in perfect harmony with Stephen Sondheim words. To tell the truth it's impossible to  know when the work of one of them ends and the other's began. Unforgettable and original, this is a modern classic, which revealed one of Sondheim's best scores.

The Men

As Bobby, Adrian Lester is really into character, giving a great performance. At his side Clive Rowe and the other men gave him total support.


The Women

The truth is that the show belongs to the ladies, specially to two of them.     As the alcoholic Joanne, Sheila Gish stopped the show with her powerful "The Ladies Who Launch". As the panicked bride, Sophie Thompson brought down the house with her touching and funny rendition of "Getting Marry Today". Both actress were absolutely amazing, but the other females of the company were also very good.


The Donmar Revival

Sam Mendes took full advantage of the one set he had. Paying equal attention to the small details as he did to the big ones, he transformed this production into an unforgettable experience. Being at ease with the hilarious sequences as well with the dramatic ones, he makes us care for the characters, involving us into their games. The dance numbers were  also a joy to watch, with "Side by Side" becoming a true showstopper. From the haunting opening number to the blew of the candles at the final, this revival is a unique event, of those that only happen once at a lifetime.



Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim    Book by George Furth

Musical Staging   by Jonathan Butterell    Directed by Sam Mendes

Rated by Jorge: +++++