P  H  I   L  L  I  P       S  C  H   O  F  I  E  L  D



When I was a kid I saw the movie a few times and, even with all its faults, I've to confess that I still enjoy it. I never imagined that one day someone would adapt it to the stage. The result is very disappointing.

The entire show is played for kids and so it becomes a boring for the adults. I could see that this was an expensive production, but it reminded me of a circus.There's no emotion; no sense of wonder and the humor was poor. All around me kids laughed and seemed to enjoy all that was going on stage, specially the animals.

Yes, the animals! Played by the Jim Henson company they are the best things of this show. It's amazing as some of them acted, although there wasn't much patience for the chimpanzee. Following the movie they put on stage the gigantic sea snail and the moon moth, but unfortunately they didn't save the show.

Phillip Schofield is a good Doctor, singing with better voice than Rex Harrison, but the rest of the cast was poor, very poor. The costumes were worst than kitsch and so were the sets. With all that money they could have done something really special!

What was really terrible was the choreography. It was like if the producers didnít care at all with the dance numbers, what a shame! The score by Leslie Bricusse was never that bad, with a few enjoyable songs, but here doesn't sound good.

Yes, this show has color, music and lights, but it doesn't sparkle at all.


Book, Music  and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse

Choreography by Aletta Collins    Directed by Steven Pimlott

Rated by Jorge: +