Music  and Lyrics by

Stephen Sondheim



This was the first show with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim that opened on Broadway. The original production was a hit and the revivals that followed had their share of success.

This is probably the most funny and accessible score that Sondheim ever wrote, and it plays so well today as when it opened. This new revival is funny and fast, so fast that I had the sensation that something was missing. Even so I laughed a lot, but by the end what stayed in my mind were the songs. COMEDY TONIGHT, EVERYBODY OUGHT TO HAVE A MAID and LOVELY are just a few examples of a great score.






The cast seemed to had more fun than us the audience, but the show didn't asked much of them in terms of acting. They are there to make us laugh and that they do with talent. David Alan Grier is really funny as Pseudolus and the rest of the cast is as good as him, with Mary Testa having a great time with THAT DIRTY OLD MAN.


Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart

Choreographed by Rob Marshall  

Directed by Jerry Zaks


Rated by Jorge: +++



I was disappointed with the choreography. I was expecting more from Rob Marshall, but not even THE HOUSE OF MARCUS LYCUS made my day. On the other hand the sets and costumes by Tony Walton were a perfect match for the production, giving it a Cartoon feeling.

It wasn't the great musical I was expecting, but I had a good time seeing it.