In the tradition of the vaudeville or of the burlesque, the naughty NAKED BOY SINGING arrives at Portugal. The original Off-Broadway production opened in 1999 and it has been entertaining audiences ever since.

To know that this show was opening in Lisbon was a big surprise for me. I never thought that could happen. First because it’s rare for a musical to open here, second because it’s strong gay sensibility may (and probably does)
offend some susceptibilities in this traditional country with many narrow minds.

Fortunately, Henrique Feist (a big responsible for the boosting of the Musical Theatre in Portugal) had the courage of bringing this show to Lisbon and, closely following Robert Schrock’s production (that you can check the DVD edition), he gives us more than an hour of pure entertainment, unpretentious and without taboos. The Portuguese lyrics (also by Feist) are funnier and naughtier than the original ones, revealing a funny side of Feist that I didn’t know about. He also had the good sense of turning “Robert Micthum” (unfortunately a forgotten actor around this parts) into the more famous “Marlon Brando”.
Feist’s direction flows with rhythm, in a nice sequence of musical numbers, some comic (“The Naked Maid” or “The Bliss of a Bris”) others more emotional like “Window to Window” or “Kris, Look What You’ve Missed”, but all revealing the reality of gay life. The only low point happens at the end of the funny “Jack’s Song”; the English “beat the meat” was translated to the more Portuguese “jerk off”, so seeing the cast beating some steaks at the end of the number doesn’t make much sense.


Our nice naked boys are at ease with their stage nudity and they sing and dance with grace and good comic timing. The highlight of the show belongs to Alexandre Ferreira and his rendition of the delicious “Perky Little Porn Star” (much better here than in the original version); it’s one of those moments where everything (music, lyrics, direction and acting) works in perfect harmony. Hugo Martins has a good
time as “The Naked Maid” and Pedro Pernas is a true artist in “Stripped”.

There are many people who may say that this show only exists because of the fact that the boys are naked (like Stephen Sondheim said in the musical “Gypsy” “you gotta get a gimmick”), but the truth is that you almost forget about the nudity after the first minutes of the show and the fact that that “gimmick” stops being important is the proof that Feist and his boys are doing a good job. So, forget about your prejudices and come see this little naughty show. I promise you’ll have fun.

 Direction and Portuguese Adaptation by HENRIQUE FEIST

Choreography by PAULA CARETO Music Direction by NUNO FEIST

Original Show Conceived and Directed by ROBERT SCHROCK