The funny 1992 movie was asking for a musical adaptation and I’m glad to say that it has been successfully translated to the stage. Physically, this is a huge production, but it has a big soul and its heart is in the right place. It’s almost impossible not to be enchanted by the fabulous nuns, they’re simple great and when they sing in perfect harmony, chills run up and down my spine.

The music score, with fabulous orchestrations by Doug Besterman, works with the book like a match made in heaven and the result is truly uplifting. Director Peter Schneider keeps the show moving in the right way and by the end he has the audience in the palm of his hands. I just wish the choreography was more exciting.

As for the cast, Patina Miller delivers Deloris with a strong hot voice, but she lacks the comic timing and the warmth of Whoopi Goldberg. Sheila Hancock is a very convincing Mother Superior and Katie Rowley Jones, Jennie Dale and Allison Harding are absolutely delightful as the three main nuns. The male cast also has a good time, specially Ako Mitchell as Eddie.

This is a heartening musical, hard to resist and with some great songs (a rarity these days). Don’t miss it!