B  E  T  T   Y    B  U  C  K  L  E  Y         J  O  H  N    B   A  R  R  O  W  M  A  N


From Screen to Stage

Billy Wilder's film is a cult classic and a favorite of mine. With great performances by Gloria Swanson and William Holden, the film was truly mesmerizing and it contained several anthology scenes.When I heard that Andrew Lloyd Webber (of whom I don't like very much) was writing a musical adaptation of the film,  I feared the worst.

The Musical

When I heard the haunting music with which the musical began and saw the first scene I became interested, but when I saw Norma Desmond descending the stairs for the first time I was completely hooked. The highlights of the show are the same ones of the film. The magic sequence when Norma visits the studios (here she sang Webber's best song ever, "As If I Never Say Goodbye") and her last scene, completely mad descending the stairs.

The Divine Buckley

A fabulous cast gave life to the interesting characters, with the handsome John Barrowman revealing himself as a talented actor. But it was Betty Buckley's Norma that really was the star of the show. She is absolutely amazing, delivering a powerful performance that no one will never forget. With a strong voice and natural talent she is as good as Gloria Swanson. Being bigger than life, she took the stage and made us love her. At end I was on my feet applauding her. 


Book and Lyrics by Don Black & Christopher Hampton

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber     Directed by Trevor Nunn

Rated by Jorge: +++++