THE PLOT - Tom falls in love with Dale, who happens to be a friend of Madge, who’s also a friend of Tom. The problem is that Dale thinks he’s married to Madge and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t seem to mind about Tom’s passion. Meanwhile, Alberto, a Latin costume designer, wants to marry Dale and she’s considering it

THE SHOW – With a simple but effective art deco look, this production manages to recreate the right spirit of the Astaire & Rogers movies. Director Matthew White maintains the rhythm and the humor flowing, giving us a sincere, elegant and pleasant homage to those old movies.

The choreography by Bill Deamer isn’t very inventive and doesn’t pretend to be. The musical numbers, with the exception of “The Piccolino” that strangely seems out of place, are very entertaining and would make Astaire & Rogers proud.

In order to have a bigger score than the one Irving Berlin wrote for the 1935 movie, other songs by him were incorporate in the show. So we have songs from other Astaire & Rogers movies like “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” and more than a couple from the stage musical LOUSIANA PURCHASE. Curiously, this songs blend perfectly with the story and the result is a very enjoyable score.

I confess I don’t like Tom Chambers singing voice, but he is a charming man and a terrific dancer. At his side, Charlotte Gooch matches him in the dance department, in high heels and backwards, and has a nicer voice. In supporting roles Vivien Parry, Paul Kemble and Stephen Boswell have a full day and deliver their lines with humor and talent. As Alberto, Adam Rhys-Charles stops the show with his hilarious “Latins Know How”.