This is a unique piece of musical theatre! A show that plays with the conventions of the genre and that never takes itself serious. Nothing is sacred here and there's always something surprising happening on the stage.

If, like me, you liked to be entertained and to escape to a different world, this musical is for you. Since you enter the theatre you know that you are in another world, a dark humorous one. From the simple beginning where the police escort someone (I won't tell, so I won't spoil it for you) to the stage until the (forced by the conventions) happy ending, you are in for a delicious treat.

Don't expect fabulous sets, glamorous costumes or spectacular effects. Here things are very simple and what counts is the wide imagination of its creators. This is the proof that you don't need millions and millions of dollars to put a good show. Everyone involved should feel proud of their work. The almost bare stage and all that surrounds it is used with a great sense of movement and thanks to the wonderful lighting design it works perfectly.

Director John Rando shows great imagination and a perfect sense of comedy, taking the best of the delightful book by Greg Kotis.

The way he used the entire theatre for the action, with some genius touches, is simply brilliant. He's also a great director of actors and the terrific cast delivers what may be the best-assembled performance on Broadway.

Among the members the cast, all talented and having the time of their lives, I have to mention a few. Jeff McCarthy is unpretentiously great, Hunter Foster is perfect as the naïve hero, Jennifer Laura Thompson is a funny and convincing ingénue, John Cullum is as devilish as his character and Spencer Kayden is a true revelation as Little Sally. They all should get Tony nominations and the same can be said of the creative team.

Newcomer Mark Hollman delivers a versatile and loud score where, from Kurt Weill to gospels and conventional show tunes, there's something for everyone's taste. The funny lyrics by Greg Kotis fit perfectly into the book. Choreographer John Carrafa had a full day and, thanks to his wide imagination and sense of humor, come up with several delicious crazy numbers, among them the Jerome Robbins/WEST SIDE STORY homage in "Snuff that Girl" or the simple "Cop Song".

Deep down inside this musical have a message, but go see it for the fun of it and I'm sure you'll have a great time, I did! I'm sure this is going to became a cult hit and it deserves it.


Book by Greg Kotis    Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollmann

   Choreography by John Carrafa    Directed by John Rando

Rated by Jorge: ++++